New Free Fonts for Font Junkies

It is no secret I LOVE fonts! I am constantly searching for new free fonts across the web:


I found the 17 fonts shown in my illustration above by searching only the following five free font sites: Fontspace, FontMania, Font Freak, FontRiver, and 1001 Free Fonts.

As a fiber artist, I always love a good artistic script, also fiber related script. I love the font, Zacken, which looks like the embroidery stitch in the image above (Font 3).

I also love Font 1- which is called the “King & Queen font.”


Last, but certainly not least, I love the whimsical photo film font, called “Hour Photo.”


More fonts later on.

In the Fiber/quilting arts arena, I am working on samples for the various classes I am teaching the next few months. Enjoy your day! Carla


4 thoughts on “New Free Fonts for Font Junkies

  1. I would say, the fonts are the magical wad and you manage it well. While looking at the picture above, I come in awe. Congratulations.

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  3. howdy friend!
    I was hunting for some artistic fonts and googled my way to your blog…great content…like…I can’t take my eyes off the ‘contents’ very creative!
    Carla, I would say you and me have one thing in common…the infinite power of creativity…so I have more reasons to subscribe to your blog and to know more about your creative side…by the way thanks for such a nice stuff. If you happen to really check out about my creativity then visit the ‘works’ page of my blog which goes as…

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