Watercolor Quilting

I’ve finished the watercolor quilt for my friend, Barb. Here are the rough pictures of the front and the back. It is a straight and flat quilt, if you see any “bumps,” it is where the sheet was bunched up. I lay down a sheet to protect the finished quilt when I take my pictures.

barbfront2.jpg barbfrontquilt.jpg barbcloseup.jpg

barb-floral-quilt-front.jpg barbfloralquilt.jpg barbquiltback.jpg

I decided against the 3D dragonfly, the quilt was textural enough.  As you can see, I quilted this quilt with a combo of Asian and floral motifs,  you might recognize that one stylized flower from the Asian Guild quilt I finished last Monday.

Now it is time for an updated Jack picture:


Joe was holding him in the picture above.  Isn’t he adorable???  Of course, I am a wee bit prejudiced!  LOL!

Here is a picture of Jack with my son’s best friend, Bobby: (More about Bobby later)


Bobby is a computer wiz that graduated from MIT.  He does websites for businesses and political campaigns across the country, so I asked him to do my website.  He said yes! so I am very pleased.  More about this later.

Enjoy your day!  Carla


19 thoughts on “Watercolor Quilting

  1. First, Jack is soooo adorable! I know you are enjoying him so much!

    Now, the quilting…once again, you have really risen to the occasion. It was a pretty quilt top, but nothing exciting, and your quilting has turned it into quite a piece of art. Lots of interest, beautiful texture.

  2. Randi, this was a nice “bread & butter” quilt, as we say in the trade. The owner is a lovely person, who LOVED the quilt on pickup.

    Those boys sure are cute!! LOL Sally and Lori! Bobby is wonderful in person, so smart, funny, and single, too. (though he does have a girlfriend).

  3. I hope that someday I can meet you in person and rub elbows with you. Maybe some of your talent would rub off on me. Once again, another outstanding job. How can you even concentrate on the quilting with that adorable baby around??

  4. That Babydoll looks positively delicious Woman! I can smell him from here!!!

    That quilt. … I think one of the most amazing things about seeing your artwork, is not only the artwork for me… but its the natural balance that you seem to effortlessly possess. So, not only interest, but just…. harmony?

  5. What a great picture of Jack and his daddy!

    The quilt is beautiful!!! Are you coming to NJ anytime soon? I would like lessons!!!

    Karen A.

  6. Ohh…I made a mistake…I didn’t read the entire post and I thought Bobby was the daddy! Yes, he is hot…I am single and available but he is probably too young for me…plus he lives on the other side of the country!!!!

    Karen A.

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