Work in Progress (WIP)

Hello, I thought I would share with you my current WIP quilt. I am busy working on a watercolor quilt for a friend, Barb. In the spirit of showing you how I work, here is a picture of the quilt top, followed by a picture of my proposed quilting lines:

sunrise-sunsetweb.jpg sunrise-sunsetquilting.jpg

You might have to click twice on the second image to see the drawn lines. I want to create faux borders, also use a quilting technique called continuous curve to divide the border from the main quilt body, also call attention to the watercolor panels. The panels I will quilt each one individually and the remainder of the quilt will get my Carla Asian floral freehand fill.

Most quilters would choose to quilt an edge-to-edge design on a busy floral quilt such as this. The theory behind that is that the stitching really won’t show, so why go to the extra effort?

“Why do the expected?” I always say. I want to also showcase the back side of this quilt which consists of lovely batik fabric wholecloth.  This quilt has lovely colors and will hang in a show next week.  Also, I love to give “texture” to any quilt that comes my way.  My friend, Barb, is a wonderful and accurate piecer- which I always appreciate.

In addition,  I will add three 3-D dragonflies using stitched yarn, thread and some fibers to further enhance the quilt.. My friend, Jamie Wallen, taught me how to do this a few years ago. This quilt really calls for an extra touch of interest.

Regards, Carla


9 thoughts on “Work in Progress (WIP)

  1. I love your thought process, Carla, and appreciate you sharing it with us. I agree, about adding texture. I mean, in the right light, doesn’t the quilting show? It’s like a little “surprise” in the quilt. Love your plan for this one, and I know your piecers appreciate the care and attention you give their tops.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt!!!!! I’ve had my guest room ready for my quilt since May but this one would look just as good!

  3. I think this will look stunning, as usual, when you’re finished with it. I hope the show will let the quilt be viewd by both sides.

  4. Carla, this is a lovely quilt with beautiful changes of colours, and I really like your quilting design and ideas for the finishing. I enjoy seeing the backs of quilts too…and the designs used for the quilting, even if they are not evident from the front.

    Also, even if you are doing a design just for your own pleasure, you will smile when you think of all the special touches you’ve put in…and really be delighted when some really observant person notices them too! : )

    Happy Quilting! Sunnie
    Folk Art at Old Crow Farm in Vermont

  5. Carla
    As usual I am just stunned by your work on my quilt, Sunrise, Sunset!! Next quilt I’m using less prints so your amazing work can show more. I’m putting the binding on and the more I look the more I love it!! I think it the show everyone will be looking up close and will be delighted. Your creative talent is over the top!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, you made my day!!!

  6. Barb, you are very welcome!! Thank YOU for being such a wonderful and accurate piecer! It is a joy to quilt your quilts! Hugs, Carla

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