Asian Contemporary Guild Quilt finished

Last night, the Asian applique quilt (that I finished the day that Jack was born) was revealed to the Guild members. The designer is an applique artist/friend of mine named Jill Rixman. Jill and I worked together a few years ago on a stunning applique quilt that went on the win Best of Show and lots of blue ribbons at several shows.

Jill designed an art quilt this time- which was a brave move since the guild is traditionally minded. The applique work, which is masterfully done, also had beadwork on them. My goal was to create the quilting which would enhance the overall design of Jill’s quilt. Here is a picture of the original quilt top by Jill:

japanesequiltbefore.jpg and my proposed drawing sketch: japanesequiltafter.jpg

Then here’s the execution of the quilting:

asianguildquilt2.jpg guildquiltkoi.jpg asianguildquilt.jpg

craneonquilt.jpg dragonfly.jpg

The pictures above were taken before I do my final finishing work on the quilt- which is to trim threads, and remove any chalk marks. For dark quilts like this, I like to use plain old kiddie chalk to mark with. I later remove the marks with a damp cloth.

Jill emailed me this morning to mention that the quilt was well received at Guild last night and that the members were commenting on the quilting favorably. That is always good to know, especially since the goal of the project is to sell raffle tickets.

Jack alert: Later today, I get to visit Jack and put in some good Grandmother squeezing time! I can’t wait!

Thanks for all your well wishes comments, posts, and emails regarding the birth of my first grandchild. Hugs, Carla

Postscript note: The next two quilts I quilted are the Double Wedding Ring and the Watercolor quilt for Barb. If you like traditional quilting, check out the Carolina Lily quilt I quilted for a friend back east.


10 thoughts on “Asian Contemporary Guild Quilt finished

  1. You did an outstanding job on the quilt my friend!!! Hope it raises lots of money.
    Squeeze his little cheeks for me. I love the feel and smell of new borns!!!

  2. Awesome – you are so in tune to what a quilt needs and so artistically talented to conceive those designs and then technically skilled to execute them.

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