Countdown to Baby!


My first grandbaby is almost here!! He is due any day, so we are getting very excited!! As indicated in the illo above, his name will be Jack- which is a “normal” name, thank goodness. I confess to disliking the Hollywood trend to name children after fruits or weird made up names.

Will obviously let you know when the grand event will take place. I will even be sure to do the grandmom thing and take pictures. Woo-hoo!! Please send prayers and good thoughts that the delivery goes as expected. Hugs, Carla

PS: Thanks for all the very kind comments left regarding the wedding ring quilt. It sure did take a lot of time to quilt it, too. My friend cried when she saw it and said that “it was the type of quilt you see at a show and dream you could one day own.” What a lovely thought!


6 thoughts on “Countdown to Baby!

  1. Grandbabies are the best…I know you are going to just spoil little Jack to no end! 😉 I do believe there is nothing in the world that smells better than a new baby! Just a scent you can’t duplicate! Enjoy him when he gets here.

  2. Carla, I am soooo excited that you are going to be a grandmother. When I became one, I wanted everybody I knew to have the same experience:) Jack is a wonderful name…..I have a grandson named Jackson and he is just fabulous as I’m sure your Jack will be as well.

  3. I know you can’t wait for little Jack to get here. It is a awesome feeling we get with these grandbabies. I don’t know if you have read my son’s wife left him and their 2 boys last January out of the blue and he has since remarried a girl that has 3 children, he has 2 and now one is due anytime. The original date was Feb. 2 but she went to the hospital Friday night and they told her probably in another week. It’s a girl and her name will be Taylor Kristin Lynn Henderson. That is a mouthful. I do have her quilt done except for the label. Will wait until she gets here and put all her information on it. Will keep everyone in my prayers.

  4. I love your countdown cartoon! I will pray for a safe arrival! 🙂 I knew your customer would be so thrilled…those are the reactions that make you want to quilt for others.

  5. I’m waiting on the birth of a grandchild too…. a girl…. called Jewel… due at any time… wanna race? (giggle)

    Seriously now, my prayers are for a safe birth for both mothers to be, yours and mine.

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