Finished Wedding Ring Quilt

I am happy to say I finally completed this one. It will go home today to the owner, and I have already pre-marked the next quilt for loading. Here are some pictures:

(click on small thumbnail images for larger pictures)

jaynefinishedfront.jpg jaynefinishedquilt.jpg janefrontfinishcu.jpg janefinishedcu1.jpg

and, of course, the artsy lighting shot:


I used 2 layers of batting for this quilt. There were some slight fullness issues, so the extra batting helped me to keep it as flat as possible.

Thank you for all your nice comments while this project was underway. Your encouragement helped me to stay on task and get the job finished!

Happy Quilting, Carla

37 thoughts on “Finished Wedding Ring Quilt

  1. beautiful carla. just beautiful.

    which 2 layers of batting did you use? does it leave the quilt stiff or will it still drape nicely? kayp

  2. Thanks, everyone!

    I used Hobbs (customer provided) and Hobbs Poly Down for the 2nd batt. It drapes nicely as I left the rings unquilted and quilted larger on the borders. Ronda taught me to use the Hobbs Poly Down and she is right, it gives the quilt just a tad bit more loft without being too puffy.

    No rest for the weary, I now have to complete a guild raffle quilt. I’ll post about this one tomorrow as it has its challenges and is interesting.

  3. It is stunning Carla! Your client will be in awe. BTW I have given you the ” Make my day award” for inspiring me and just plain making this blooging journey fun. Pass it on to those who make it fun for you

  4. This turned out to be just gorgeous. What a lucky customer! I especially love your freehand border. Wish I could do that!!

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  6. “beautiful quilt” I am making a wedding ring quilt but do not know how to add on the borders? Would you be able to guide me to this information, Thank you kindly. be

    Hi Be, thanks for stopping by. Probably the best instructions I know online regarding borders and border attachment is here.

    Another option is to visit your local quilt store. The people working there are usually nice and helpful. They can explain it in person. Good luck!! Regards, Carla

  7. Hello. I am a beginning quilter and absolutely love wedding ring quilts. This is honestly the best wedding ring quilt I have seen. It’s so beautiful, you are truly an artist. What type of fabric is the cream colored one? It looks like some type of silk. Thanks! I love how it shines.

    Thanks, Shanna, for your lovely comments. I recall that the piecer/owner used a high quality quilt store fabric for this quilt- perhaps Kona cotton by Kaufman.

    Probably the best advice I could offer beginners is to buy quality fabrics for their projects. If money is an issue, then look for sales or on-line specials.

    You can use silk- and I have quilted a few silk quilts, but you have to use interfacing for stability and it makes the project a bit more challenging for both the piecer and quilter. Good luck and have fun along your own quilting journey! Regards, Carla

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  12. Hi Carla
    I ADORE this Double Wedding Ring Quilt. It’s a dream. I am a total beginner and would like to make one for my brothers wedding next year. I have now spent about 4 hours with trying to draw a template… with no big success. Could you please let me know where I could get a similar template?

  13. Totally wonderful quilting. I truly admire your quilting. I am learning to do the meandering feathers, but sure haven’t met the challenge as well as you have. Your quilts are a work of art, and your customers should feel very honored, for you to give them such fantastic work. Keep up the wonderful work! Your work is truly inspritational.

    • Thank you, Debbie, for your lovely comments! Probably the best advice I have is to not worry too much about every feather, instead, keep quilting, then stand back and admire the overall texture!

      • Thank you for the advice. I am getting more comfortable in making the feathers. I haven’t done a real challenging continuous border yet, that is on my list to accomplish. I love the look of the feathers, it gives the quilt so much character. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us & also replying. I sure do appreciate it. Keep stitching & have fun :>)

  14. Oh, wow! This is just amazingly quilted. I’m working on a double wedding ring of my own and surfing for ideas to do the quilting when I get there. Between the owner’s fabric choices and your quilting, this is absolutely stunning.

    • Hi Lynette, thanks for your comment. I have done several double wedding ring quilts over the years, and I quilted this one about 5 years ago. Good luck on your project!

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