Almost finished!

My fingers are rather stiff from all the micro work, but I anticipate being done in about 8 more hours. Here is the progress so far:


I think my friend will be happy. As Gayle pointed out, I changed my mind midstream from quilting the rings with continuous curve to not quilting them and instead stitching in the ditch and microfill around unquilted areas. This way, the rings pop out nicely and complement the quilted sections.
Off to rest my fingers… LOL! Carla


14 thoughts on “Almost finished!

  1. Hi Gayle, yes, I started to quilt them, then frogged it as I didn’t like how it looked. In person, the rings poof out nicely and contrast the quilted sections with the addition of the SID.

  2. It’s gorgeous Carla! I think you made the right choice. SID is pain and microstippling is exhausting…but nothing beats the look you get.But of course, that’s JMHO

  3. Let’s face it, microstitching is tedious work, same goes for SID. I just crank the music up real loud to help pass the time.

    I sent the image to my client and she seemed real happy with it so far.

    Vicki, I used 2 batts with this- I believe Hobbs with Hobbs poly down. The unquilted rings are nice and full.

    Oh Susan, I need to get this done because I have deadlines looming for two other custom jobs. Eek!!

  4. “I think the client will be happy.”

    I think the client will be estatic! Holy cow, that’s some fine quilting. I am bowing to the computer monitor. Will she be entering that in any shows?

  5. Jorja, You are so sweet to say that, your bribe will be sent forthwith! LOL! Actually, this is a wedding quilt for the client’s son. I will suggest she (at least) borrow it back and enter it into the county show or local show. I’ll let you know if she will or not.

  6. Freda, you don’t say how long you have been quilting or if you do freehand work. I’ve had almost 4 years of PPP under my belt, so get out that whiteboard and draw! Really, I’m a firm believer of if I can do it, then so can you.

  7. Carla, I have been a part time LA’er since 2004. I do a fairly good job at my quilting. I do freehand some but my artistic ability isn’t like yours no matter how much I PPP. I do draw my patterns until I feel comfortable doing them with my machine. I admire anyone that does quilting as good as you.

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