Productive Weekend!

I finished my next submission to Machine Quilting Unlimited, and already got the sign off from the managing editor/publisher. I can only show you a teeny section of it:


Anyone notice the quilting pattern used in this cartoon? LOL To see more, be sure to subscribe to this magazine at the link above.

I also finished the majority of the quilting on that wedding ring quilt and now I’m working on the SID and microwork. Woo-hoo!! The end is in sight!!

Today I got to see Woody the Redneck contractor- yes, he still has his colorful language and is rough as ever. He is back to finish the Woody gate, we are shopping around for the latest technology gate entry system. So far, the system we are looking at will have a color camera, a keypad and the ability to call the house. I will have a small color flat screen monitor next to my phone. Best of all, the system will have the ability to sense when my DH or I are driving in or out, so we don’t have to mess with a button. The gate will automatically open when we get within proximity of the gate. I like that!

Enjoy your Monday!

Hugs, Carla


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