Illustration Friday: Stitch

Illustration Friday Time! The week this word is “Stitch,” and I just happened to have this cartoon handy along this week’s theme word:ifstitch.jpg

For the IF crowd that views this, the machine my chicken is operating is called a longarm quilting machine. Think of a sewing machine on steroids. It does stitching in a HUGE way. I do this in my studio, here is a real life example:


Regards, Carla


11 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Stitch

  1. Thank you to the two “peppers” who commented. Yes, I do freehand work with my machine. This means it is hand guided, not a computer robot system.

    Thank you for visiting… come back anytime!

  2. My mid-western parents named my after my Aunt Gwen… Carla Sue. Say it with a twang and you know why I rarely tell people my middle name. LOL!

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