For Ronda

I mentioned last week about my quilting friend, Ronda, who lost her son. A large group of quilters are making quilts for Ronda and her 3 grand-daughters. I was honored to be asked to create the quilt labels for this project, I also wanted to create a memory block.

Part of a quilt memory block is creating a message in the center, so the person knows that you are thinking of them. I decided to draw up a new one last night, and then copy it onto cotton fabric. Here is the design for the middle of the block:


This is not a surprise secret project, so I’m not letting the cat…or chicken out of the bag. It is already posted in other locations.

Once I mail the block off, it will be added to other blocks that people have made. I hear that Renae Haddadin, talented award winning quilter, will be quilting this once the quilt tops are finished being pieced by volunteers. Someone else will do the binding and add the label that I make.

This project is being organized by Sharon, a very caring person/quilter who lives in Southern CA. Kudos to her for having such a big heart!

5 thoughts on “For Ronda

  1. awwww So adorable.. carla… I think that we are all so fortunate to have our own carla chicken… those of us that do… I cant tell you what it means to me:) Ronda will cherish it forever.
    Blessings upon blessings are u!

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