Holiday Travels

I spent the holidays visiting my father in Missouri. My older sister, Yvette, (the yachting one) and her husband, Dave also came from Florida so we could spend it all together. My sister is a bit twisted like me, she tends to like the same things I do.

We weren’t supposed to exchange presents, but I couldn’t resist buying these slippers for her:


Then I found some sock monkey slippers and pajamas, too, plus the sock monkey rag purse I made before Christmas:


I took a picture of her modeling the ensemble, however, she would KILL me if I posted it. LOL! Perhaps I should blackmail her, what do you think?  By the way, for all you sock monkey fans- you find the slippers, pajamas and socks at Target.

I spent my holiday making items for everyone- Doris (my father’s girlfriend) received a bracelet, plus a new freeform scarf. Yvette got a bracelet, in addition to the sock monkey purse. My sister-in-law Tammy received a new freeform scarf, too, seen here:


Plus, I made another scarf for me, plus 3 or 4 new bracelets. You know me, I just have to create.

Now that I’m home, I need to catch up on my quilting. I will have some interesting quilts to show you in the near future.  Regards, Carla


9 thoughts on “Holiday Travels

  1. Last year I got my friend sockmonkey flannel sheets for Christmas – as a joke. I don’t think she’s taken them off the bed since! I’ll have to look for those slippers for her! If you need to buy the sheets you can get them at Vermont Country Store. Welcome back!

  2. I had a sock monkey. I love the sock monkey stuff you found and made. Your scarves are part of the inspiration for me picking my knitting needles back up. I also ordered a beginner crochet dvd…I’m going to focus on the knitting first. But maybe….

  3. I got the sock-monkey pjs for my daughter, the cow-over-the-moon for me and the flamingos for a friend who was having surgery just before Xmas!!

    Vicky, thanks for reminding me about Vermont Country Store! I wanted to buy the Dick and Jane flannel sheets……

    Good to have you back, Carla. I missed your sense of humor…


  4. Thanks for the tip about Vermont Country Store! I’m off to see what they have- LOL

    I missed you all too. My family teased me about “blog withdrawal” a few times. LOL

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