Coyote Attack!

Poor Rex the Wonder Hound!!

While on vacation, I left Rex the Wonder Hound in the care of my friend, Mae, who for you long time blog readers is also the daughter of Rancher Ed. A few days before Christmas, I received a call from Mae letting me know that Rex had a large wound and needed emergency vet care.

It turns out that Rex was attacked by a coyote, which took off a section of his thigh, leaving a very large wound. He needed anesthesia and surgery, and remained at the vet overnight. Despite his ordeal, Rex is still a happy camper, even if he is not crazy about his new cone headwear:


I am surprised the coyote came so close to our house. I am also surprised that Rex survived the attack. I’m sure the fact he weighs 100 lbs saved him. Anyway, I am thankful that Rex is alive and still with us.

Other News: The news media here in Northern CA are all aflutter about the coming storm. They are predicting a blizzard in the Sierra, plus snow and high winds at my elevation. Down in the valley they believe there will be flooding.

The storm is supposed to begin today, with the worst of it on Friday and Saturday. I’ll let you know if the storm lives up to the hype on the news.

Hugs, Carla


14 thoughts on “Coyote Attack!

  1. The cone – a necessary evil for Rex! We see evidence every night of coyotes in our back yard (the unfenced part). We back up to a greenbelt, and we hear them howling every night – very eerie because they are so close. Small animals don’t survive here. So glad Rex is big!

    Glad to have you back!

  2. Poor Rex!!! Those sad little eyes! We had coyotes come in our yard every night to drink from our bird bath till we had the fence put up.
    We are expecting storms tonight too. But not like Mammoth……they say to stay away because they are expecting white outs.

  3. You know i have mentioned to you before the i have a friend who reminds me of you… I dont know why just some similarities in life.. and your wits and ways with words… anyway her dog had surgery this week for cancer.. he ripped his stiches open 3 times finally had to go under again..they wrapped him up in one of those doggie life vests to keep him from tearing it open again.. that night claudia laid a bed out with blankets in their walk in shower..on new years day they woke up to the bottom floor of their home flooded.. the dog apparently jumped up and turned the water on in the shower..the dog didnt drown..he had a life vest on! Too funny…


  4. Faith, Oh my to your other friend!! Glad the life vest saved the dog, though… How’s their house?

    Rex will weather the storm laying on a down comforter inside the garage. He was sleepy when I took the earlier picture.

    Thanks for the well wishes for Rex. I will go give him another hug right now.

  5. Max and Grace are sending doggie hugs to Rex. I’m so glad we don’t have them in town. We can hear them out in the country at night at our friends house. Farmers around here shoot at them all the time to try to get the population down. Really hard on the livestock!

  6. Poor Rex, how scary! Glad he is on the mend. Don’t you think you could make him something more “Carla” to wear on his head though? LOL!!

    Glad you are home, and recovering. Hope the storm isnt’ as bad as they think it will be. Glad to see you are blogging again– I missed you!

  7. Poor Rex! I keep being told that they dont attack, eat mainly road kill & you only have to worry about small pets. Right! I have my eye on one that has been hanging around my suburban backyard. I dont like coyotes, their creepy! Glad Rex is ok.

  8. Rex Update: He is healing well, though he still hates his cone. He gets the cone off next Saturday when he sees the vet. Thank you for asking!

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