Surviving the Holidays

Carla note: I would like to thank everyone for all their kind comments related to yesterday’s post about my DD’s surgery. She is feeling much better today.


Holiday Travel AND the Difference Between Men and Women

Joe (DH) is planning to drive to the midwest for the holidays- which he loves to do. I’m planning to fly, I just do better to fly and not sit in a car for several days and get cranky. If I get too cranky, then I start to notice things like, “Honey, you are driving too fast for this weather,” and “you should wear your seatbelt in case of an accident,” and my personal favorite: “Sweetie, you might want to slow down for that cop you just passed going 88.”

It is so much nicer to board a plane in the morning, sip my cappuccino and a few hours later you are where you want to be! Anyhow, this system works for us.

I’m also more of a planner than he is. I think of every little thing, too. Here is an example: Joe is driving in winter weather, so what happens if he gets caught in a huge snow or ice storm and/or he slides off the road? Easy! He can now reach for the Survival Kit I made for him “just in case.”

What does a wife put in her husband’s Auto Survival Kit? Well.. having watched Survivorman and Man vs Wild TV shows religiously, according to Les Stroud and Bear Grylls, I know to put lots of warm items such as thermal wear, extra gloves and socks, and several days worth of those thermal hand warmers that hunters use to warm up. Also a space blanket, fire starter, candles, flashlight, chapstick, a compass/whistle and the ever present all-in-one tool. Last but not least, I put in lots of beef jerky, trail mix, some soup cans, which after eating can be used to melt water and fix the oatmeal and coffee packets, too. You wouldn’t want a nasty caffeine headache if you are forced to survive in the wild after all.

Of course, I will suggest that he also add a snow shovel, snow chains, and make sure his phone is charged. I will even let him borrow my fancy GPS system, too. It is best to plan for the worst- just in case. Now, of course he will laugh at me for all my preparation, BUT if something happens, he can thank me for his comfortable survival and best of all- he would then owe me BIG TIME! What would the guys ever do without us? LOL!

Happy Holidays from Carla


9 thoughts on “Surviving the Holidays

  1. Good ideas!! Don’t forget the Folgers (like tea bags…..good for 3 cups of coffee that he can make after he eats the soup) a bag of sand (for spreading on the snow should he get stuck) and skin moisturizer……cold can dry out the skin faster than anything.
    John and I take the 5th wheel to the east every year and I am stuck doing 62 mph for over 6000 miles…….so I take things to read, crochet or any other kind of hand work I can think of.
    Glad you dd is feeling better. Give her a hug for us.

  2. LOL Faith! That’s because you are a lifelong Californian. I used to think that way before I lived in Minnesota. That was the first time I actually put winter survival kits into each car. Hugs, Carla

  3. I swear driving in the snow is a man thing. We have a handy thing that has a battery that can jumpstart the car, has a plug in for whatever and an emergency light that you might want as well. And fix a flat?? Of course a french press, fresh ground coffee and a camp stove is in my survival kit….. Have fun!! I’d fly too 😉

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