It’s All About the Hearing

Wednesday morning, bright and early, I have to drive my DD to the hospital for another surgery.  A few months ago, she lost her hearing completely on one side.  Oops… back to the ear specialist- or in her case- a neuro-otologist.

Knock on wood, the surgeon is planning to replace some ear bones with prosthesis parts to  restore her hearing again.  This will involve another rebuilt ear drum, too.  Why did this happen?  When she was a teenager, she developed a rare ear disease called cholesteatoma.  Many surgeries later, the disease is removed, but now the previous reconstruction surgery shifted, causing the hearing failure.

OK, that is enough medical jargon.  I will let you know how she does in my next post and if her hearing is restored.  I usually do not blog about family members, but many of my readers know who my daughter is or have met her.

Regards, Carla


19 thoughts on “It’s All About the Hearing

  1. Carla, I’ll sure be thinking of you bright and early, and keeping your daughter in my prayers for successful surgery and restoration of her hearing. You are such a great mom– prayers for you too of course! Watching our children go through surgeries can be as hard or harder than having it yourself, to me anyway.

    Hugs, and please keep us posted!

  2. I hope everything goes well for her today. My Mom is deaf in one ear (always has been) and I’ve often wondered if she might be able to ahve somethign surgically done to fix it. I don’t think she’s ever asked a doctor about it.

  3. Just arrived home from the hospital… the surgery went well, though we won’t know yet whether her hearing is restored for a few weeks. Right now, she is wearing a “princess Leah” type of dressing.. it is a “bun shaped.” LOL

    Did I mention I had to get up at 4 am to drive her to the hospital- which was an hour away? I’ve decided I am so NOT a morning person!

    Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers!

  4. Hi Carla,

    Glad to hear things went well today with the exception of getting up so early…just think if her hearing is restored it will all be worth it!

    Karen A.

  5. Now I know why you weren’t home today. I’m so glad that things went well, and I hope that Amy’s hearing is fully restored. Give me a call when you get a chance. Hugs to you, my friend.

  6. glad things appear to have gone well and hope within the next couple weeks everything heals well. and hope you get to sleep in today! kayp

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