Guess who came to visit?

 Had a couple of visitors today right next to my house.  It’s been awhile since one has come for a visit, so it was a nice change from the turkeys and the deer.  I was about 7 feet away when I took this picture:


Joe must have let the gate open, so one or two of Rancher Ed’s cows came for a visit.  LOL!

I finished another bracelet today. This one is my favorite so far. It is larger than the others, too, in the beads selected. I wanted a backdrop for the photo and just happened to see a Chinese currency, called “Rénmínbì”pronouned like “RMB,” laying around, hence the Mao picture in the background.


The next few days will be very busy indeed… I still need to finish my Christmas shopping, also, my TV lift unit is being installed tomorrow.  When I want to watch TV in my bedroom, I just press a button and the TV rises.  Silly, I know… I just didn’t want to see a huge flat screen TV on my bedroom wall.

Regards, Carla


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