Random Acts of Kindness!!

I’ve had some RAK mailings lately that I wanted to share.  Earlier this week, Sharon sent me a mailing jammed full of embellishment items, thread, a delightful sewing kit that fits easily into my purse.  Thanks, Sharon, you are so thoughtful!!  Here is a photo of her cute sewing kit:


Next is a RAK Birthday Mailing from Ronda.    Here is a picture of my new chicken pottery in place on a piece of furniture:


She also got me some patterns, tools, batting and more!  I’ll share pictures at a later time.  Thank you, Ronda!!!

Lastly, I have a confession to make.  Up until last night, I had not even started my Christmas shopping.  This is very unusual for me- I’m an early shopper kind of gal.  So now I am trying to make up for my lateness.    Oh my!

Tomorrow I teach another class in fabric crochet at my local quilt shop.  This is a fun class, so I love to teach this project.

Off to shop!  Enjoy your day!

4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness!!

  1. You are very welcome, they look like they are right at home, you have the “Look out chick” and the”Butt raised to the heavens chick”, perfect in their new home. I am amazed how our tastes are so parallel, love to you this Holiday season my very dear friend.

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