Remember this bracelet from a few days ago? It looks like this:


Well… I got up this morning and it was gone! I have looked high and low and it has gone missing from my work area. I was using it as a reference to make this bracelet, an obvious work-in-progress:


I think I know who my top suspect is… let’s just say he is gray, furry, purrs like no tomorrow and looks like this:


Oscar has been brought in for questioning, but so far he hasn’t confessed. My guess is he played with it and probably batted it underneath the sofa or chair.

Hopefully, it will turn up soon!


8 thoughts on “Missing!!

  1. Oscar, you have some splaining to do, isn’t that what Ricky used to ask Lucy?????? He has this look about him like “Who Me!” If you had my little Jack Russell Terrier I could tell you where it went…… Hope Joe made it home safely.. Hugs

  2. LOL!! Thanks for a good laugh this morning!!! My readers are so witty!!

    Lori, I know you are a dog person, but I love snuggly cat who loves you- and doesn’t have dog breath! PS: Don’t tell Rex I said this!

    Happy Friday!!

  3. Don’t you just love it when your helpers swipe your stuff. If it were one of my 3 cats, I would be looking for beads, not the whole bracelet. Mine seem to think that anything beaded like that is a snake and should die. LOL!

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