Cartoon Published!

Yesterday, I received a proof copy for the page my cartoon is on in Machine Quilter’s Unlimited, quilting’s newest magazine. Here’s a sneak peek:


That is all I can show you at this time. You will just have to subscribe to this new magazine to see my cartoon- and other fabulous articles and pictures. My Feathered Fibers cartoon is on page 2, the inside cover.

Machine Quilter’s Unlimited is due to be shipped any day, if you are interested.

This is fun for me as I just started drawing my cartoon last January, 2007. I was bored one day and just started doodling. Next thing you know, I had my first finished cartoon. I drew up several more and sent them to my friends. The feedback I received back was overwhelmingly positive!

It seems that there are very few quilting-related cartoons being drawn. If you enjoy my work, and like the cartoon in the magazine, please write the magazine and give them feedback.

Now back to my role as Juror #3:

The trial lasted only 2 days, it concluded this afternoon, and so I’m now allowed to talk about my experience. It has been a fascinating experience to see the judicial process from start to finish from the perspective of a juror.

It was a criminal case involving a homeless man with obvious mental and physical limitations who was charged with indecent exposure. He had also been charged 2 months earlier with the same offense, different victims. We had to also decide if he was guilty on that offense, too.

The testimony involved lots of discussion about the male genitalia, the interaction of the hand or hands with the aforementioned body part, with glossy colored pictures of both locations, plus one where the Defendant concluded the charge he was arrested for…. if you get my drift. If you are thinking, “Eeeewwwww!” you are not alone.  For former devotees of the TV show, Seinfeld, let’s just say the Defendant was “master of his domain” in public- and leave it at that!

The verdict came back as “guilty” on both charges. Many of us felt pity for the Defendant, but we needed to stick to the evidence and jury instructions. I also felt for the victims involved, and at the end of it all know that justice was certainly served.

Now I can get back to my quilting and artistic pursuits.  Plus, my DH has been on a business trip to China and he is currently on his way home as I type this!  Woohoo!  He had one free day to go shopping while in Shanghai, so let’s see what he brings me back, shall we? LOL!  Any guesses?  Remember that he is, after all,  a man and also an engineering wiz who does not possess the shopping gene.


13 thoughts on “Cartoon Published!

  1. Lori, you are very funny! Good comeback!!

    One more sick humor with this case…. a fellow juror actually works at the supermarket, the location of one of the crimes- which was on a bench just outside the door.

    We are not allowed to discuss the case until so ordered, so I had to hold onto a joke until we were deliberating. Sure enough, as soon as the door shut to the jury room, I casually mention, “Bet you will never take a lunch break and sit on that bench, will you??” The other jurors then chimed in their jokes to her, too. It seems that several of us thought alike.

    By the way… thanks for the good wishes on my official 1st publication of my cartoon. I loved seeing it!!

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