Quilted Crochet Bag

Why not combine both passions- quilting and crochet? Here is my bag- in-progress (click to see larger):


Sorry about the lighting- my good 10 mega pixel digital camera went belly up from all that fine red sand/dust in Sedona. I would send it in to be fixed, but they would charge me about half what I paid for the camera to do so.

So now I’m asking Santa to bring me a new digital camera. So far, I’ve owned 2 Olympus cameras and 2 Canon cameras. I find I much prefer the Canon due to the long battery life. I really liked features in my old Olympus, but I think another Canon might win out.

Who loves their digital camera?? I would love to hear back from all you 10 mega pixel and higher camera fans. I want a camera with long battery life, plus the ability to shoot in all lighting situations. Oh yes, I also want a decent zoom plus a fast capture speed. Macro function is a must! Thanks in advance for your help!

Regards, Carla


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