Felted Bag

A few days ago, I posted a picture of my felted bag-in-progress here.  I had just started crocheting the base or body of the bag.  Here is the finished project:

carlas-felted-bag.jpg        feltedbag2.jpg

I finished crocheting the bag, then I whip-stitched the sides together.  next I crocheted the handle and whip-stitched the edges to get a round cord-like length of crochet cording and attached them to the bag.

The felting process was next.  I also had crocheted a piece of the purple and green yarn so I could make a felted flower for the embellishment.  Size-wise, I need to make the felted flower just a tad smaller for the proportion to  work.

Last, I added a stamped, colored and beaded shink plastic pin.   This is a great way to personalize the bag.

I learned quite a bit from this project.  My next one will be larger and in a different shape.  What I found interesting was how the wool yarn felted up- it was much different from the yarn used in the project- as shown in the photo.

Regards, Carla


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