Illustration Friday: Excess

Illustration Friday (IF) time today! To see my illustration for the day, please click once on the thumbnail below:


The word for the day is “excess,” so obviously, my illustration is a comment on excess.

Let me know what you think about it. I’m toying with adding color… I am new at this so be gentle as I learn.

Regards, Carla


18 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Excess

  1. Sharon, as a middle aged woman who is forever trying to lose 25 lbs, I’m not offended. I am always telling my DH I want a chin job, too. 🙂 (PS to terriW: Good eye, seeing the double chin!)

    Seriously though, if this drawing offends anyone, then they really don’t want to see some of my R-rated quilting cartoons! It’s a simple drawing of 4 birds on a wire- one of them been hitting the chocolate too often- hence the word, “excess.”

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  2. I too got excessive in the last 10 years, and all I want for my next birthday is the turkey gobble removed! No offense here….And I seriously doubt Sharon has been either… But I understand how everyone seems to be walking on eggs about what we find funny you know? really ticks me off too…What makes people so touchy anyway? Where does one draw the line at offensiveness? how FAR x rated, or which ethnicity, gender, or disability… just irritates me. When I was very young (teens) I found mexican jokes offensive. Now I just laugh at myself and on some points agree! same with excessiveness, or Italians! Or menopause! geez, theres a million of them eh…

  3. Sorry everyone. I didn’t find it offensive. I think it’s cute. The coloring is perfect.
    Blame it on a show I watched last night where 2 young kids saw an obese guy sitting on a park bench and beat him half to death……just because he was fat.
    I too have added quite a few pounds here and there.

  4. Sharon and Gina, discussion is always a good thing- it make us think. 🙂 No need to apologize…

    Sharon brought up an interesting point. While I wouldn’t want to offend anyone, I interpreted the word in a way that I think is funny. Of course, I will admit to having a rather odd sense of humor! LOL

    One day, I will show you two my R-rated quilting cartoon- let’s just say it has a doll character in it… LOL!

  5. Carla,

    I think they are perfect and I too love the double chin. There is certainly nothing offense here…we all come in different shapes and sizes…that’s life!

    Karen A.

  6. My frist visit to your site. So glad I stopped by. I love the tubby birdie. . .timely, as I’m about to put a turkey in the oven. . .maybe I’ll use less butter. . .less stuffing. . .less. . .oh what the heck! If his (her) double chin and sagging belly is that cute, who am I to worry?

    Seriously though, it’s very nice. You’re able to convey a keen sense of humor, very simply. I loved it.

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