WIP Wednesday

I’ve been busy this week.  Currently, I have two work-in-progress (WIP) for the week.  First up is a rag bag pattern, which I found in AZ while on vacation.  Whenever I see a pattern or product my LQS needs to order, I pick one up.  Here it is, though mine will be done in flannel sock monkey fabric:


Next is a crocheted-then felted- purse.  I just happened to see some cool yarn, and as soon as I saw it I knew it needed to be a felted bag.  The first step to felting is to crochet or knit the yarn, which I am doing here:


Keep watching and I will do a tutorial for this project.

Last up to show you is a book I ordered from Overstock.com and I love:


Yes, it is a wonderful book about sea glass!  Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE sea glass?  In my perfect life, I would live next to the shore and take long walks every day to collect shells and sea glass!  If any of my readers live near the shore, do you also collect?  Hmmm… anyone interested in bartering?  LOL!

Enjoy your Wednesday!  Hugs, Carla


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Hey there! Was just browsing my site that lets me know where traffic came from, and then found you. I agree…that book ‘Pure Sea Glass’ is fabulous. It’s my bible and the photography is sooo nice.

    I’m a very beginner quilter as well. Been teaching myself for years, but never able to get into the swing of what I like, which is to be very non traditional. I have a problem with patters and rules.

    Right now I’m trying to do a small quilt, that would go on my sofa, using muslin whole top, and drawing on it with my fabric marker, then embellishing. I love to draw. For some reason I want to draw on quilts!

    When I went into a local quilt shop years ago, oh so shyly, and asked about drawing on quilts, one of the ladies said with a half laugh ‘why on earth would you want to draw on a quilt’. It’s stunted my learning since I was so hesitant and didn’t really know what I was doing.

    Anyway..I’m rambling..I like your site, will bookmark it for a quilting site as I love to browse blogs and see what other folks are up to.


  2. Hi Gail, I visited your site and agree with faith, you do LOVELY sea glass jewelry! I’ll contact you off list, but thanks for visiting and stop back by anytime!

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