New Crochet Scarf

Here’s what I made yesterday:


I decided to use the yarn above as my focus yarn, than add about 5 or 6 other yarns into the mix. This is a linear design, of course following no pattern. Here’s a close up:


Today, we have our niece, Kate, visiting, it is always great to see her.  Pretty much we are taking it easy,  going out to lunch at our favorite Mexican food place, just enjoying the day.  Later on, I still need to catch up and draw my Illustration Friday for this week.

Enjoy your day!  Hugs, Carla

7 thoughts on “New Crochet Scarf

  1. Hi Carla,
    My sister sent me a link to your site. Shje wanted to shar some of your b I am a knitter and thought this yarn was something special . What make and blend is it? I think this yarn might also have a life as a beauitful shrug or gloves.
    Would you mind posting your source?


  2. Hi Jenny, thanks for the nice comments. I actually used the yarn shown as my inspiration yarn. Then I picked about 6 other yarns that matched for the overall scarf.

    My yarn label went bye-bye, so the next time i stop at my local yarn shop I will get the make and manufacturer for you.

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