View out my back


I have the most wonderful view out my back window! Throughout the day, I get to see wildlife pass by, the changing light through the trees, etc. For those of you newer to my blog, I live in Northern CA in the Sierra Foothills, in Gold Country, in a new home on a 5 acre parcel we bought from Rancher Ed.

This morning, the light through the trees was stunning. I tried to capture it, but this photo falls short of the real beauty of the evolving scene:


Right after I took this shot, a lone buck with numerous points on his antlers, meandered across the foreground of the picture above.

As I’ve mentioned before, we have groups of wild turkeys who come by at least twice a day for a visit. It is fun to watch the babies grow into teenagers:


I’ve also made more progress on my purses- I quilted the fabric for the closure flap and now I just need to decide on the handles. Eventually, I will share them on the blog.

Healing Hugs go out to my friend Lynn‘s husband, Scott, who spent most of yesterday in the hospital due to 3 black widow spider bites. For some unknown reason, black widow spiders in her area, Bakersfield, CA) are coming inside. Usually, they are very shy and stay far away from home interiors. This morning, Lynn is sure to be calling a pest control company!

Enjoy your day! Hugs, Carla


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