Trip to Sedona

In a few days, Joe and I depart on a special trip to Sedona, Arizona! The reason? Our anniversary, the 25th one, to be exact!!!


We are staying in a very nice B&B, have fun stuff to-do booked each day, plus we can just spend some quality time together! I know, I know, we already celebrated our 25th anniversary by renting that catamaran this past summer, right? Yes, that was our big trip. This one is really a last minute, let’s get away for the actual day kind of trip.

We first visited Sedona last December where I took the picture above. We only had one day there, but we loved it so much we knew we wanted to come back.

Memories of Sedona- there was this one Mexican Food restaurant we went to that had yummy food plus the BIGGEST cactus margarita I’ve ever drank! I will take a picture to show you as it is very colorful!

So it is time to think about packing. Though I still have a few day to pack, but I do want to make sure to shop for everything I need to bring along. I did purchase a rockhound book on AZ, hopefully I’ll get lucky and find some cool rock specimens to drag home.

Thank you for all the nice comments for my last cartoon. I appreciate your positive comments as I am self taught with my drawings. My last art class was in 7th grade, you don’t want to know how long ago that was! In college, I took art history classes, but no studio art. Anyhow, I appreciate your encouragement!  Hugs, Carla

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