Post Birthday & Heart Quilt Auction

Today is the last day for the “Have a Heart” Quilt auction to benefit the issue of women and heart disease. I contributed a quilt for this auction, one with a hand dyed and painted center heart with lots of cool quilting:

carlabarret.jpg Right now, this 28″ x 35″ original quilt by me is going for a bargain auction bid of $100.00 US. You all can do better than that! Bid now, however the bidding ends later today at this website.

Other news: Yesterday, November 5th, was my birthday you might have guessed. Thank you for your lovely comments, emails, cards and phone calls! I also spent the day by crocheting fabric for a new purse or bag:

purse.jpg I’m now at the embellishment phase, however, I need more light colored fabric for the flap of the bag- which means another trip to the quilt store.

My DH (dear husband) was incredibly sweet yesterday. He came home and made me a special dinner. Then, he tried his hand at baking a cake:


Let’s just say it was a very “textural” cake!! LOL I loved his effort!

Today is back to work, a quilting day. I have a quilt for the local quilt store on the machine. I teach 2 classes later this week, so I hope to finish it and deliver it back before then.

Hugs, Carla


11 thoughts on “Post Birthday & Heart Quilt Auction

  1. I love the cake! We can just say that Joe is into desconstruction techniques. 😉

    Oscar looks quite loved and content. I’m so glad we both adopted kitties! Can’t wait to see how the new bags turn out, too!

  2. Love the cake! What a great guy. It reminds me of the one and only cake my DH made for me. It looked almost identical to yours, except that it had a huge crack all the way through the middle of the cake!! But definitely, the thought was there. Glad you had a wonderful day. Love the purse fabric, too. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. BTW – what size crochet hook do you use for this?

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