Halloween Free Fonts

Need a free Halloween font to use in your art or craft for the holiday? I easily found the free fonts used in my illustration above by visiting one or two of the following sites. Each of these sites also have some cool dingbats:

Download FreeFonts

101 Free Fonts

Font Freak

Simply the Best Fonts

Font Diner



Urban Fonts

These sites are also terrific if you also create your own Christmas cards, too.

I am constantly searching these sites for new and interesting free fonts. If I come across something exceptional, I will be sure to pass it along. Here’s a cool Halloween font called Calaveras:

Enjoy your day! Carla

Postscript from Carla: Here are some other font related posts that feature free fonts:

New Free Fonts For Font Junkies,

For the Font Junkies..,

Blog Surfing.


4 thoughts on “Halloween Free Fonts

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  2. Man, I wish peoople had these sites where you could click on a font then you type in the text and it does the text with the font



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