A Few AFF Purchases

While at ArtFiberFest, I was fortunate to add to my collection of art from artists I admire. They have a vendor night where many of the teachers and attendees may sell their art. Here are just a few favorite items.

The following items were purchased from Alma Stoller. By the way, did I mention how nice and talented she was?:

alma-bird.jpg and almabeads.jpg

Next was a beautiful rug hooked heart wallhanging from Mary Stanley. Mary is a wonderful teacher and a very kind person:


Another favorite artist of mine is Syd McCutcheon. I was fortunate to get one of her scissor maiden dolls:


I was also lucky to purchase her AFF doll made for the gallery. Here is a sneak peek, but you can get a better view of this delightful doll on her blog post. It is a very appropriate purchase for the season.


Today, I am off teaching my fabric crochet autumn purse at the local quilt shop. Remember this?


Enjoy your day! Hugs, Carla


3 thoughts on “A Few AFF Purchases

  1. That’s why your name is so familiar! I wish I had a group like fibervision in my area, what a wonderful collection of talented artists! Thanks for stopping by Judy!

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