Quilted Wrist Cuff

One of the classes I took was titled, “Wrist Quilts” by alternative arts teacher, Keely Barham.  She is an amazing teacher, I recommend any of her classes.  Anyhow, here is my work-in-progress, as I am still embellishing the piece:


I hope to make a few more when I can find the time.

DH  is on one of his round-the-world business trips again.  The countries he is visiting  this time are China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and India.  You should his passport, or should I say passports, as he has already filled one up.

While in India, he is going to take a side trip to the Golden Temple with his Sikh co-worker.  The Golden Temple is to the Sikhs what the Vatican is to Catholics.  Last trip to India, he took a side trip to the Taj Mahal.  On his way there, his taxi hit a cow- which is sacred.  Luckily, the cow was not harmed as the car would be at fault and would have to pay damages to the cow owner.  Here in the US, the cow owner would be at fault for letting his/her cow roam wild onto a freeway.

Anyhow, I am missing him already, and counting down the days till he comes home.

Hugs, Carla


5 thoughts on “Quilted Wrist Cuff

  1. The domino photo transfer fabric was from Keely, and the letter was a traded acquisition.

    Patience, Dear Miss Susan- I will post what goodies I brought home in the coming days. Right now, I have Lori threatening to “out” the doll I made as a joke. LOL Bad Lori!

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