freeform crochet gallery

I have my own style of freeform crochet. Rather than create scrumbles, then sew the scrumbles together, I like to take my yarn for a walk, so to speak. I like all ways of doing FF crochet, it is just this is how I learned and it feels right to me.

I focus on color and texture, the relationship of the yarns to each other.

The very first freeform item I made was to wrap around a wire armature, creating a FF basket. I showed this the other day:


I moved on to scarfs from the basket:






1436_greenscarf_1.jpg ffscarf6.jpg


I’ve made more scarfs than the above ones, I just can’t seem to find the pictures all right now.  All of the scarves I have presented as gifts or sold.  One was won in my blog contest.  My friend, Susan,  sold one off her neck at a quilt show when she asked to wear mine. (When I open my etsy shop, I need to ask her for marketing help!! LOL)

Next up, I want to make some scarfs to keep my neck warn this winter.  I think I need a freeform crochet purse, one that matches one of the scarfs.

Hugs, Carla


12 thoughts on “freeform crochet gallery

  1. You got me hooked on freeform crochet and I love it! It is so “not boring” to be able to go anywhere, use any color or type of thread and do whatever. Sometimes I make scrumbles and sometimes I “dance” which is what I call my “going for a walk”. Thanks

  2. Carla comment: Janice is a well known FF crochet artist and teacher. You should check out her blog and see her master work! Janice, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!

  3. Just googled FFCrochet. I am a professional artist/FFCrocheter-Began them both at age 8. Your pieces have the vitality of sea creatures. Delightful. Please enjoy my website. I do not use patterns or sew together, they are all a dance. that I’ve been doing for many decades. The crochet became a business less than 5 years ago….
    It’s an adventure..

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  5. I loved your blog! I have a question, though… I’ve hçbeen knitting for years now and I’m a bit bored of conventional patterns and all that. Would you be so kind in telling me how can I start in freeform or where can I learn? I know the key is to have no pattern and a lot of creativity and I have a lot of it, but I’d appreciate a little pushing from someone with more experience than me.

    Please send the information (if you can) to my email:

    • Hi Renate, I viewed your blog and your FF work is incredible!! I love your style, too. I only do FF Crochet as a part time basis, looking at your work makes me want to make scrumbles and dig into my yarn stash! I will drop you an email and we can chat…

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