Retail Therapy!

Couldn’t resist a little retail therapy yesterday, after all, I deserved to visit the quilt store- a reward for driving my son to his doctor an hour away…each way…up hills both ways.  Think of it as a “tip.”  Here’s the yummy colors I spotted as soon as I entered the store:


This followed another reward the day before- my daughter needed a driver to an doctor appointment.  So as a reward for that I took a side trip to a local shop and found some terrific artsy looking shoes (normally $85) for only $25!  These just scream to be worn for AFF:

shoe.jpg   The bottom of the shoes are way cool!  I might even be able to use them in an art project!  Now all I need are some shirts to match my new shoes… and some accessories.

In case you are curious, the shoes are made by a company called “J-41.” My style is a trail casual called  Sideline-Mesh.  It comes in a wide variety of colors shown here.

Anyone else love shoes like this??  LOL!   Hugs, Carla


6 thoughts on “Retail Therapy!

  1. Yummy colors, I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of these yesterday, they are very similar to the colors I have been working with since last spring, creative minds think alike (lol)…… Hope you ordered the Sundance “Boyfriend Shirt” that I have in periwinkle to go with those new shoes, love that shirt, I have it in so many colors, I wore it at my workshop in California and Vivian Love posted me in it on her blog…… Have fun in Washington

  2. The fabrics are just lucious!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    The shoes are really cute! I think one of the bracelets you posted would be perfect.

  3. My favorite colors…lime green and pink! at least that’s what they look like on my screen.

    And the shoes are fabulous!!! do they have an online store??? I’d buy them! But you definitely need a new wardrobe wih them…lol

  4. Love em:) My kinda shoes! Isnt retail therapy SO worth it?
    Loved the fiber art stuff above, thanks pal, Im hungry now… Got sushi?

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