Fiber and Beading Gallery

More fun fiber work to share today! I am re-posting photos from my extinct blog to create a new history:

This is my free form beaded bracelet, a gift to a friend. It also can be turned into a necklace as well.


a Freeform crochet basket with beading:

carlabasket.jpg   basketcloseup.jpg

Crochet sweater/altered clothing:


Charm bracelet/necklace:


Fiber Bead, a project Lynn and I did together:


Herringbone bracelet:


Silk fusion, beaded bracelet:


Hope you enjoyed my mini gallery show of the various creative things that I do.  Enjoy your weekend!

Hugs, Carla

6 thoughts on “Fiber and Beading Gallery

  1. Gorgeous, I especially love the basket, as always thank you for sharing all your talents…… Enjoy your time next week in the fabulous Washington State, I hope the weather corporates for you….

  2. Carla, I enjoyed seeing your pictures again! Some of them, I don’t recall seeing before, so this little visit was even better.
    I love the fabrics you treated yourself to. Can’t wait to see what you do with them! Enjoy AFF. I’ll miss you HUGE!

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