Finished with Trades, swaps!

Had a productive weekend! I was able to finish my 79 trades today and get everything ready to pack. Here are some pics:

coffeewrapweb.jpg coffeewrapkitweb.jpg

The wrap materials, beads and fibers are all organized into the ziplock bags above, before being placed into the coffee packaging once I get to WA. Thanks to Lori for that tip!

I also needed to put together 19 bags of fibers. I altered the coffee logo slightly for this swap:



Other news, DH and I had a very nice visit with our niece, Kate. Kate is a credit to the Barrett name! She is in her last year at the California Maritime Academy and delightful to talk to and spend time with. We are so proud of Kate and her post grad plans, too. Of course, she just “had” to finish herself a coffee wrap of her own with her name on it. LOL! She also went home with some wool when I found out she liked felting, too.

Hugs, Carla


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