ArtFiberFest Trades

I have procrastinated long enough. I leave for AFF in less than 2 weeks, and I still have my trades to do. It is a tradition to bring something you made yourself to trade with other fiber artists attending. This year, I’m going to make something useful. A re-usable fabric coffee sleeve kit is what I am currently putting together and bringing to share. I will make about 80.

My kit will have a piece of quilted fabric cut into the proper shape. In case you are curious, I stopped by Starbucks to steal borrow a cardboard sleeve to use as my template. Here’s a picture to help you visualize this project:


My kit will have this base fabric, some collage items to iron on and stitch, beads, fabric scraps, and extra fibers thrown in. Here are some items I’ve gathered so far. (The letters and wording are printed onto fabric and fusible added, btw) :


I am still working on my packaging design. That is half the fun! Hmmm… perhaps it would be appropriate to go buy about 80 disposable coffee cups- with lids- to hold my kit supplies. Perfect solution!!!


Other Projects: I engaged in some retail therapy yesterday at the yarn shop. I needed some yarn to crochet myself a new altered thrift store sweater. Here it is so far:


Other News: Nancy called me today from North Carolina upon receiving her Carolina Lily Quilt. She was very excited and appreciative. She will be giving it to her granddaughter as a wedding present. I love receiving calls like this!

Off to my outdoor H2O aerobic class. Did I mention it is freezing out there? Note to self: Find a class with an indoor pool, preferably heated to 80+ degrees!

Hugs, Carla


7 thoughts on “ArtFiberFest Trades

  1. What a clever and fun fiber trade to take along and your packaging idea is very clever! I hope you’ll share your creation when you are finished with it.

  2. Love the coffee cup sleeves. There was a pattern and instructions in the winter 2006 Quilting Arts Magazine. I made a bunch as gifts that year. Your post reminds me I should make some more! Thanks!

  3. Thanks! Deb, someone else told me that quilting arts magazine had an article in a back issue. Dang! I probably would have not had to re-invent the wheel if I knew about it beforehand!

    Keep watching as this progresses. I decided my coffee cup needed its own logo! LOL

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