Hairy Leg Quilt

You all know I can quilt traditional quilts, such as the Carolina Lily quilt shown a few days ago. I love traditional quilts, but I especially love quilting whimsical quilts.

My friend, Lori, made a wonderful shoe quilt as her very first quilt. The design was mutually developed during one of our Creative Adventure Weeks a few years ago. Anyhow, when it came to the quilting, I just couldn’t resist having fun!


Of course, each shoe block just begged to have a leg quilted in. Then, knowing Lori would appreciate my weird sense of humor, I quilted in 3-D hairy tufts on the yellow leg!


I quilted other strange stuff on the other leg blocks, too. How could you not love a fun quilt such as this?

Next Quilt: My next quilt to do is a retro, astro, alien, spaceship quilt- and, oh yes, some retro teardrop trailers thrown in as well. This is a quilt for a male quilter (named Doug) who owns a teardrop trailer and a quilt store. Terrific combo, I think.

Doug has a very healthy and odd sense of humor, so he loves it when I “hide” weird motifs into his quilting. The stranger the better, he says. Probably the weirdest I have done for him was the star constellation in the shape of Monica Lewinski’s blue dress with an extra star located where the stain is. I also have quilted aliens dragging off the GOP elephant symbol, too.

If When I quilt something really strange into this next quilt, I will be sure to take a picture. If someone has a odd quilting motif suggestion, too, be sure to leave me a comment with your idea. LOL!

regards, Carla

9 thoughts on “Hairy Leg Quilt

  1. I had those legs. I was sure glad I wasn’t in an accident and had to be taken to the emergency room. Upon that thought, I quickly got rid of them. Great, funny quilt!

  2. A couple off the top of my head…”Milky Way” candy bar, Man in the moon, Moon of cheese, Big dipper (as in dancing). Maybe the zodiac symbols with crystal stars.
    I’m probably being silly. With my skills, way to hard for me to do!

  3. Carla!!! Too funny!!! I must say that I totally get your wierd sense of humor and may have to piece a quilt for you to quilt for me someday. Maybe a quilt with the quirky southern sayings I grew up with…

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