This quilt is taking forever due to the amount of micro-stitching needed in the fill.  Hopefully, I should finish tomorrow.  Did I mention that microwork is not my favorite?  I do get bored rather easily.  Thus said, here’s a sneak peek:


On the quilting front, I am busy designing a few show quilts for next year.  I’ve decided it is time to create some personal quilts and have some fun with the quilting design.

Speaking of quilt shows- congrats to Ronda Beyer for her Best of Show, and many other awards at the Northwest Quilting Expo show.  “Stars of Arden” is the name of her winning quilt, which was inspired by the love she has for her brother.  This is a stunning quilt and I am honored to have been asked to designed the fabric label which documents the story behind the quilt.

Also, congrats to Carie Shields, who won a 2nd place at the show, too!  Be sure to check out her winning wholecloth at her blog site.

Congrats to Pearl Huskamp, who also won 1st place.  Her prize, I heard, was a new Janome machine.

That’s it for now.  It’s been awhile since I posted one of my cartoons, so I will do so in the coming week.

6 thoughts on “Microstitching

  1. Fanflipperdippinfanfabutastic!! Wow, Carla, this is looking so good, I just couldn’t use a regular old word! Oh how I want to quilt something that pretty someday. I love it! 🙂

  2. Your quilting is stunning! Your quilt entries will certainly be award winners because of your wonderful eye for color and texture. I hope you will continue to “sing your own song” as well and keep sharing your cartoons and gorgeous fiber art creations to inspire us all.

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