Water Aerobics

For the last two weeks, I’ve completed a water aerobic program 4 times per week.  Here’s what I look like doing it- pretend its me anyway:


I love doing it!  The health benefits are too numerous to mention.  I feel better already and sleep like a baby the 4 nights I attend.

My doctor suggested I do this as a low impact way to get my exercise.  When I was on my recent yacht trip, I snorkeled every day, actually every chance I could get.  I LOVED it, and I loved being in the water.  It was a natural progression to locate an H2O aerobic class and attend.

What exercise do you do to improve your health?


Nancy’s quilt is almost finished.  I might even be able to finish it by tomorrow!  Of course, with all the micro stitching, my fingers might cramp up or fall off. LOL!  Anyhow, I do promise to show pictures before I send it home to North Carolina.


Pssst… don’t tell Joe, my DH, but I’m shopping for a place to stay in a tropical locale for right around our anniversary date.  The big date, our 25th anniversary, is on November 19th.  I’ve narrowed it down to a location where we can snorkel.  Anyhow, I’m going to surprise him with this and arrange with his secretary….oops, I mean administrative assistant, to clear his schedule.   Any advice or suggestions?

Enjoy your week!  Carla

7 thoughts on “Water Aerobics

  1. Carla, In my PT days, they used to throw me out into the deep end of a warm pool in weights to elongate my back bones (break). It was wild, but did help in the long run.
    I NEED excercise now.. too sedate. I dont think all the hours standing at LA counts?

  2. Hey, that photo looks like me, too! Only I’m a brunette! When did they take that photo of us? Wow, we are svelte!!

    Gina, you can split your days betw/ me and Carla and do water aerobics with us! And BTW, didn’t I post some website which counted calories burned while working on various hobbies, sports, etc? Didn’t I figure that LA’ing burned like 600 calories per hour??

  3. Thanks for your comments. When my doctor suggested the H2O aerobics, I though it was going to way too easy and boring. I thought it was for OLD people!! LOL! OMG, my muscles are all tired- a full hour of a hard workout!

    Innovatel, the exercise underwater targets all the various muscles groups, so it is different from lap swimming. We also work out with weights in the pool, too. The main reason people do H2O areobic is the low impact on the body- particularly for people with spine issues, arthritis or other concerns.

    I do miss the days of playing competitive tennis though. Running around the court was great exercise.

  4. Shannon is flying home tonight from Cancun and when I talked to her on the phone she just raved and raved about their hotel — their room looked out on the ocean — she said the food was to die for and said she would go back in a heartbeat. If you’re interested I’ll get you details and pictures. It was one of those all inclusive places. They rode on the beach and her horse stopped, dropped and rolled in the sand (she jumped clear and only hurt her toe!) — her only mishap during their 6 day stay.

    THAT QUILT YOUR DOING IS FABULOUS!! Makes me want to do a traditional quilt — just to have you quilt it!

    Love Barb

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