Rughooking Lesson

Thanks to CA rughooking artist, Jody O’Dell, I had my very first private rughooking lesson today! I can’t wait to start my very first project now.

First step is drawing out a simple design. I think a bird or a fish would be simple. I’ll just go grab a drawing I have done before like one of these:

winetimesmallestyet.jpg or fiishy2.jpg

Next step I’ll blow it up to the size I want with a copier, edit out all but the simple lines, then transfer it to the linen. Then I grab my rughook, some wool, and off I go!

On the way home, I dropped by the thrift store and scored some more wool clothing! Now I have the beginning of a wool stash to go along with my rather large fabric stash, yarn stash, and bead stash.

H2O Exercise: Today, I start a new H2O exercise program. I’m doing it for improved health, in case you were wondering. The hardest part is going out in public with my bathing suit on! LOL! Luckily, I am not too self conscious.

Enjoy your day! Carla

5 thoughts on “Rughooking Lesson

  1. Carla, we are putting in a pool, and I also plan an exercise program. When I had pneumonia this summer and was checking out health websites, swimming was mentioned as the best exercise for lung problems. At least I won’t have to go out in public in a swimsuit. That would be a crime!

  2. Vicki, you are pretty funny! LOL

    Rughooking is one of those arts that I first tried about 1990, then cast it aside to languish. Like hand applique, freeform crochet, etc., it is very relaxing.

  3. i bought a book about a year ago on rughooking..iam gonna have to hunt for it… i lok forward to seeing what you do… BTW iam looking for an area rug for my living room ..doing a makeover in there!

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