Fiber Charms

I am currently working on my fiber charms for the exchange at ArtFiberFest.  I am working backwards, so this is the embellishment:


After I get this part finished, then I will design the base- which will be painted and stitched for interest, maybe even torched for a distressed look.

This is the direction I am headed in, but the finished fiber charm might end up looking altogether different, too.  I like to give myself permission to try- and also fail.  The worse thing that can happen is I dislike it, so I have to start over.

In case you are curious, here is a picture of my supplies to make the tiny embellishments:


Back to work now.  Enjoy your day!

5 thoughts on “Fiber Charms

  1. Carla, the charms look very interesting, I can’t wait to see the final product. but I have to ask What is “torched”??? Something “torched” around here involves fire and illegal activities!!!!

    Karen L

  2. LOL- Torching something means hitting it with a heat gun to melt, burn and distress it. I always do this step outside because of fumes.

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