Oscar’s New Lovey

A lovey is most often associated with young children. It is a transitional object used to improve the child’s sense of security. Sometimes, our pets will also do the same thing- latch onto an object to comfort them.

Oscar, the new kitty, has latched onto a soft orange scarf that belongs to my DD, Amy. It was crocheted by Ramona, my nice mother-in-law. Oscar found it hanging in Amy’s closet, pulled it down and now carries it around the house in his teeth. It looks very funny!

I wish I had a picture of him dragging it from room to room, but I did catch him when he stopped to play a moment:


Apologies to my MIL- who reads my blog and will see her scarf here. Oscar has not damaged the scarf, let me assure you, he is just “borrowing” it from Amy for a time.

Oscar is a bit neurotic, and has bonded to both my kids. He behaves really weird around the house and acts like he is going to be eaten. He was sitting on the window shelf in the sun the other day, and some geese flying overhead called out rather loudly. Oscar responded by jumping up about 7 feet, poofing out all over, then running under my daughter’s bed. Poor kitty, he looked so paranoid and funny!

Regards, Carla

8 thoughts on “Oscar’s New Lovey

  1. That’s why I apologized to my MIL- she will visit my blog and see her handmade item being drug around the house by the cat. Actually, Oscar carries it with him from room to room. Animals can be so cute and funny!

    The poor kitty obviously loves it, so it is now his. (Sorry, Grandma!!) LOL!

  2. LOL! Dont take it away! I too gave Gin a black tunnel scarf given to me by a friend, and wouldnt you know it, the friend was here as Ginger went racing by with it in her mouth…

  3. How fun is that picture and the visual I get as I read about Oscar’s antics with the loved scarf. Who could be upset by having their handiwork admired and enjoyed so much that it is pilfered from the original owner? LOL

  4. He is such a cutie! Oscar obviously needed the comfort of the scarf. We all need our bit of “security”, And the color is perfect with his fur! What a handsome little man!

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