Getting ready for ArtFiberFest classes

I look forward to attending a fiber art workshop, called ArtFiberFest located in WA state, each year.  You get to choose from a list of teachers and receive 3 days of instruction in a particular fiber art.  This year, I wanted to learn some new skills, so I’m taking classes in rug hooking, spinning, and one on quilting.

Last year, I took some crochet related classes on freeform crochet:

ffcsmall.jpg    freeformscarf.jpg

and on altering sweaters:


My final class was on using gel medium on fabric and then bringing heat and fibers to the mix.

So you can see that I am indeed looking forward to this year’s classes and learning new skills.

The last few days I have been busy gathering supplies to bring for each class.  The rug hooking class has been the most challenging as there are no neighborhood rug hooking stores to buy supplies.  I also need to obtain some wool, so I’ve been hitting the local thrift stores finding old wool clothes to recycle.

Of course, one of my local thrift stores is located right by my favorite yarn shop, so I engaged in a little shopping therapy yesterday:


Off now for a morning meeting.  Enjoy your day!!  Carla

6 thoughts on “Getting ready for ArtFiberFest classes

  1. I wish I were as good as you at exploring what I learn in classes. You ahve doe a lot with the classes you took last year! Can’t wait to see what you do this year.

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