Your Creative Space

In the spirit of enhancing creativity, I decided that my quilting/fiber studio was a bit crazy. Crazy as in cluttered, unorganized, etc. So, I decided to organize a bit so that I feel good in my space.

The motivation for doing this comes from cleaning out Joe’s office & library this past weekend. I wish I had a “before,” so you could see how nice this “after” is:


This is a huge improvement, so I was inspired to do the same. I am now organizing, cleaning, and attempting to make my own space more inviting. Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m doing with some of my fabric. Fabric lovers will want to double click on the thumbnail picture:


(I just have to add that the above fabric only represents about 1/1000 of my total fabric stash!)

I’ll keep you posted…. Regards, Carla


4 thoughts on “Your Creative Space

  1. LOL Lynn, I knew you would be surprised at how good the library looks.

    As soon as Amy moves out, your room is next up! It gets turned into a guest room.

  2. I wonder how many of us look at those shelves and envision (dream, plot, desire) to fill them up with ‘our’ stash, books, magazines, sewing art…… ? I sure did, had a good long stare at them and dreamt of having those in my possession……yep, serious storage envy. 😉

    Good for you on the organizing!! I love to have rooms tidy and organized.

    Just wish it happened more often around here. 😉

  3. I learned today that we should call our “sewing rooms” a Sewing Resource Center, or a Quilting Resource Center. Our stash would be a Fabric Resource Center. hmmm…..

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