5 Tips for an Improved Creative Life

My goal is to lead a more creative life. How does one go about this? After all, there are no classes on how to be more creative in your day-to-day life. So I decided to give you some “Carla Tips” for improving your creativity.

  1. Notice the details. Creative inspiration in your art, quilting, or craft is all around you if you look more closely. I find quilting and drawing ideas in my carpet, bedspread, catalogs, museums, in books and on buildings. When I go on vacation, I love to take close-up shots of interesting details on buildings, windows, or even natural texture.
  2. Keep a journal. This could be a quilting journal, a design sketch journal, or a place where you simply express yourself in writings and art. Yes, doodling is allowed!
  3. Take a walk. Some of my best creative ideas are worked out or thought about while taking a walk. Besides improving my health, I’m spending time thinking up creative ideas and solutions.
  4. Do something creative each day. Even if you have 5 minutes, spend time each day on a creative pursuit. Not only will this relax you and make you feel productive, you will be a happier person for your effort.
  5. Listen to music while you work. I find that listening to music relaxes me and contributes to the ambiance of enhancing my creative brain. Try it and see.

Yes, I actually do the above tips on a daily basis. I find that Tip #4 is essential to a positive outlook on life. Seriously, doing something creative is a soothing balm to a stressful life. Your kids drive you crazy? Go make something. Your pet throws up on your carpet? Pull out your colors and a pad of paper- (be sure clean up first, of course since vomit smells would certainly reduce my creative harmony! LOL)

I’ll leave you with a creative sketch of a fish:



My advice for the day is to go do something creative today. You know you want to do it!



4 thoughts on “5 Tips for an Improved Creative Life

  1. Carla, #4 instantly made me feel happier when I imagined myself doing something fun and creative….eager to see how happy it makes me to actually do it.

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  2. Your ideas are right on! While I was walking this morning I decided that tomorrow I would take my sketch pad and camera to capture some of the colors and “fill” possibilities on the old victorians that are in this part of town. And then I came back and read your blog – as I enjoy doing most every day – and there was your list as well. Another suggestion that works for me is to try something “new” and unexpected each day and keep that record in my journal . . . a new person, a new path, a new color, a new store, a new wine . . . and on and on.

  3. Your tips are right on, Carla. I try and do all of them. And on my walks I take a small camera in my pocket. I’ve yet to go a day without taking a snapshot of something inspiring!

    Now to just live long enough to act on all that inspiration!

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