North Carolina Blue…

A friend of mine recently entered a quilt that I quilted into a show near her hometown of Lenoir, NC. The show was combined with a local town festival in Morganton, NC. Anyway, she was very excited to call me and report it won a blue ribbon!!

Frequent blog readers might remember this quilt featured earlier this year here. See my quilting on her lovely quilt top:


Anyhow, I love it when one of my friends do well in a show and wins an award. They are happy, I’m happy, life is good!

I had some retail therapy today- found some books at Borders. One was on felting crochet purses and the other was this one:


I thought this book would be an excellent one to share in my class. I’ve been a fan of Maggie Grey‘s work for some time, and this book looks very very interesting! I love how Maggie’s work pushes the boundaries.

Coming Soon: Another Rancher Ed story and what I will do special with my husband’s grandmother’s antique quilts.

Regards, Carla


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