Memorial Quilt Label

 9/13/07 Update:  I will be redesigning Dan’s label with pictures provided by one of his biking friends.  Keep watching for the redesigned quilt label.  Here’s the original post and first quilt label design.   -Carla

Thought I would give you a sneak peek at a quilt label I designed for a special quilt group project- a memorial quilt to honor the memory of Dan Coats. One of my challenges is that the only picture I had of Dan was an avatar sized image. Anyway, I was able to obtain a picture of the quilt from AnnMarie, the nice volunteer who has been binding the quilt, so I used that image several ways within the design, too:


I am happy of the end result- I was wanting a masculine “feel”- but also desired interest, balance and clean lines. Has anyone found where I placed the tiny avatar image within the design??

Thank you to all the other participants on this project- it was truly a group effort! Thanks to all the wonderful quilters who sent in their signature blocks. Nan Moore then did a terrific job on the quilt design and piecing- as well as coordinated the project. Linda Alexander quilted it, AnnMarie bound the quilt (and will be attaching the label, too). Wanda Jeffries donated the batting, Janet Lee and MQX donated the backing fabric.


Hopefully, it won’t be long now before the quilt can be given to Lorrie, Dan’s wife. The point of this group project is to bring some measure of comfort to her- also let her know that many people cared about her husband and miss him too.

Regards, Carla

4 thoughts on “Memorial Quilt Label

  1. Great job on this label, you are the master……. The label you did for my Stars for Arden Memorial Quilt is cherished and one of my favorite parts of the quilt.

    I am sure that Lorrie will love this quilt and I personally am glad I was able to contribute to such a heart warming quilt. I am sure that Dan is proud of our continued support and I as an avid supporter of his company am proud of the wonderful legacy he has left with us all. Thanks to you, Nan, Linda and everyone who made a block and sent money to help in the making of this quilt.

  2. Carla.

    I was one of the riders on the ride to San Francisco when Dan passed away. I have some nice photos of Dan. If you are interested, let me know.


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