Fiber Scarf- finishing touch

I really like how this fiber scarf came out once I washed and dried it. The last step in this project I did last night while watching TV with Joe- the beading. Adding beads in a freeform manner not only embellishes the scarf, but it is functional as well. It adds a nice weight to the scarf ends so it drapes well.

Here are two pictures:



Today’s project is starting a new quilting job, plus designing my fiber charms to trade at ArtFiberFest. What are fiber charms? There was a great how-to article in a recent issue of Fibre & Stitch on this topic. Anyhow, for the uninitiated, fiber charms are charms for a charm bracelet made out of fiber material.

I am thinking of painting either leaf or flower shapes out of the thick pellon that I used to make the leaves in the crochet purse pattern shown here. Then I want to add a “Carla” touch somehow. Or perhaps I should make a sailboat charm, then draw one of my fish designs onto shrinky-dink to add as a mini charm on the fiber charm. As you can see, who knows what I will end up with!! LOL

Regards, Carla


14 thoughts on “Fiber Scarf- finishing touch

  1. Thanks to Christine, Terri, Teresa, Sharon (twice) and Linda for your nice comments. We are all old enough to say anything we like, Linda, imho! LOL

    This will hang up at the LQS to entice customers to sign up for my class.

    Hugs, Carla

  2. Geez Carla.. I JUST searched the city for a bd gift for a pal… on the order of your scarf! I found a suitable black/tan one at local designer shop, Barefoot Contessa ( not food lol) and I gotta tell ya…. YOURS has me drooling!!!

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