Fiber Scarf (in progress)


As you can see above, my scarf needed more fibers and thread bits added before I move onto the next step. Be sure to compare this picture to the 2 pictures posted yesterday to see the progression of ribbon, yarn, and fiber build-up for this scarf.

Next step is where you cover it with a water-soluble product and stitch away. Here I am just starting the process:


When I’m finished stitching, I will add on some embellishments to further enhance the scarf.

Notice the colors are very similar to my last yarn purchase? Hmmm… maybe I’m still having tropical dreams and want to hang on to wonderful memories of my Caribbean travels.

Enjoy your day, Carla

2 thoughts on “Fiber Scarf (in progress)

  1. Definately a color theme there!! Looks fabulous. I have a half done scarf somewhere around that I did on my LA.
    Also, my prize scarf has arrived and is fabulous!!!!! Now you should show everyone how lucky I was!!
    I sent a message though MQR as I have temporarily(I hope) lost my email address book.

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