Finished Autumn Crochet Purse

Several people have asked me about the autumn crochet purse I was making as a class sample to teach this fall. I wanted to embellish it with some different techniques for the students, so here it is… so far:

carlaautumnpurseweb.jpg carlapursedetail.jpg

The bag will open with a magnetic snap hidden under the button/leaves/quilted purple section. I may add some beading on the sides with some fiber beads, I haven’t decided whether this is finished yet. I have to look at it for awhile first. You know how it goes with design decisions.

The painted and stitched leaves was an experiment that worked.  It is stiff and resembles leather, however, I instead painted some stiff, thick, interfacing stuff (non-technical word), then stitched each one with variegated thread.  Be sure to check out the close up picture above.

Today, I’m off to the CA State Fair with husband, children and one unborn grandbaby seen in yesterday’s post. The fair is always fun to attend.

Enjoy your weekend! Regards, Carla


12 thoughts on “Finished Autumn Crochet Purse

  1. Okay, I’m officially drooling on my keyboard here. That purse is adorable!!!
    Hope the fair was fun for all, including that wonderful unborn miracle.

  2. The purse turned out great! Your leaves and painted button were just the ‘right’ touch to make it extra special. The only thing I wonder about is how it would look if you were to braid some of your fabric strips for a handle instead of the silky cord—or maybe some more of your painted fabrics as the strap with a small leaf or two where the handle meets the body of the purse? Just ideas……not saying they are good ideas. 😉

  3. Thanks! It is a fun, easy project to do. Anyone want a tutorial on the painted leaves?

    Teresa, we think alike! A previous bag on the old, (now missing) blog had a braided handle. LOL The wonderful thing about the crochet bags is that each person’s bag will look different!

    Thanks for visiting, as always.

  4. Carla, I’ve always been intrigued by the braids made from more than 3 strands, wider and more intricate looking – although I’ve not spent the time to learn to do it. Even a crocheted strap would look awesome……

    Oh the ideas!! LOL Just wish I could come up with the original ideas, like you do, instead of tweaking someone else’s….

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