It’s a Boy!!

Many of you know that I will become a grandmother for the first time next January, 2008. My oldest son, Stephen, and my DDIL, Aimee, are the proud parents-to-be. They had the ultrasound yesterday and they could clearly see the sex of the baby for the first time- which is a baby boy!  See the side profile?


Isn’t this cool? Best news of all is that the baby looks healthy! I will certainly need to start a quilt as soon as I free up some time. I am excited for them- AND my new grandson! Regards, Carla

PS: Grandmother tips are always welcome.


28 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!!

  1. this is such an exciting time for everyone! congrats to you and the momma and daddy! my advice….don’t even try to hold back the joy and excitement just let it bubble out! kayp

  2. Congratulations to the proud parents and grandparents-to-be!

    Grandchildren are wonderful and you are going to have the best time with this little guy.

  3. Congratulations Carla! How exciting. It’s so fun knowing ahead isn’t it. The shopping can really begin now lol. Gee why do I get the feeling you are going to be in heaven!

    We had a surprise visit from my grandkids yesterday. Grandpa took them to Costco and bought them a big indoor play structure thingy and then set up one of the spare bedrooms (its was finally empty!) into a play room with tunnels and pop up tent rooms. Then he brought all the toys from the rest of the house and dumped them in center. The only problem now is we can’t get the kids to come out. Even though they don’t live with you….get ready to see some changes to your home! Don’t worry…. you will love it lol.

  4. Congratulations to all! My Grandma Tip: Get a big comfy rocking chair and spend as much time as possible rocking that baby.

  5. Congratulations! again!! WOOHOO!! I have but one tip….its more for

    Keep your mouth closed, and your wallet open…roflmao!

  6. Congratulations Carla on the Grandbaby-to-be. I’ve never quite understood the desire of everyone to know the sex in advance. What’s wrong with being surprized???? I liked my surprizes.

    No tips from me on the G-ma front as my children are way to young to have babies.

    Karen L

  7. Thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to snuggle, spoil and send him home! Of yes, first thing I learned was to keep my mouth shut with advice unless asked. Then preface it with, “This is what worked for me…”

    Of course the wallet will open… going to buy the crib, toys, outfits, quilts, etc! And a rocking chair for our home. I also saved all those gazillion legos, transformers and Jurassic Park dinosaurs for a reason! Thanks everyone!

  8. How wonderful, you have made my day, Congratulations. I love my grandson to no end, he is definitely a Grandmas boy, loves to snuggle and read books. You will be the Best Grandma and he will be one lucky little boy. Hugs to you, Joe and the new Mommy and Daddy…… Maybe he will be born on my birthday, an Aquarius! Love ya Carla, congratulations again and again….

  9. Oh Carla, I’m so excited for you. When that little boy is born, your life will change forever. You will not believe the amount of joy and love you will feel for him. We had a lot of little girls in my family and not so many boys. Then my first three grandbabies were boys and they are so sweet and loving. When baby #4 was coming along, I was even thinking I wanted another boy, but now that she’s here, I’m so glad she’s a girl because she is one precious little thing and her clothes are so dang cute! Today my grandson Ian came over after he got home from Pre-K. This was his first week in school and I had felt a little sad and afraid he was outgrowing me, but he came in first thing and crawled in my lap and just sat and snuggled. You can’t trade moments like that for anything. Something I did for each grandchild was learn a new song to sing to each of them when I rocked them…..I started working on this before they were each born so I could start singing it to them right away in the hospital. Ian’s song is “If I Needed You”, Jackson’s is “For Baby (For Bobbie)” (and morning bells will chime), Robben’s is “Baby Mine” and Maddie’s is “You’ll Be in My Heart”. Some of the songs, I had to search for, and others, I just happened to hear and knew it was my next grandbaby song. One of the sweetest things was when I would be singing to Robben and Ian would sing along. Can you tell I’m just eaten up with my grandchildren? I guess I should start my own blog to do that rather than taking up yours, Carla:) At any rate, you will think of things to do that will be special for your grandson. As far as people wanting to know ahead of time, it sure makes it easier to buy clothes and make quilts. And, believe me, it doesn’t make the birth any less exciting.

  10. Thanks for all the well wishes. No idea what I’ll be called, as yet.

    Sharon, if I started singing to the baby, it would certainly fuss and cry. God gave me many talents- unfortunately, singing is not one of them! LOL

  11. Oh, Carla how wonderful! You will savor every moment!
    I have 3 beautiful little girls..though 1 is not so little anymore(she’ll be 13 in Oct) but as yet no little boys. But I so treasure these girls. grandchildren rock!! Congrats to you and the parent’s to be.

    My advise…hug ’em and love ’em no matter what. Everything else will fall into place.

  12. From his “picture”, I’d say he is going to be one handsome little boy! :o)
    The best “Grandma” tip I can give is to spoil him rotten and love him like there is no tomorrow!

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