Retail Therapy and WIP Wednesday

Hello! Yesterday, I needed a little retail therapy, and some supplies for another class project, so I hit my favorite fiber arts store, JR Flamingo. Every friend that visits me (Lori, Lynn, Jamie, etc) gets a trip to this inspiring store, it’s just that good. Besides that, it was through this store that I first learned about the Pixeladies.

Here’s my purchase:


Can anyone guess what I will make with this above (minus the dark purple fabric)?

Thanks for all the comments on my new header… I may want to change it just a bit, but I do like the idea of changing the header with the seasons- or at least twice a year. Some of the posters wanted to see how far along I’ve gotten on the crocheted purse, so I will show you this WIP:


As you can see, I’m making a smaller bag for the class sample, and a larger one for myself. The front of the bag really needs to be special and very cool, so I will experiment with some interesting techniques to embellish this bag. In other words, it is not finished… I see it now as a blank canvas for a leaf decorative element here. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Enjoy your day! Regards, Carla


8 thoughts on “Retail Therapy and WIP Wednesday

  1. I dont know what youre making out of those yummy tropical seas turquoises, but I am guessing something to remind you of your latest trip. Or something for ME? lol, I thought not.


  2. Retail therapy………that sounds like a very good idea.

    Luscious tropical colors…..maybe you’ll make a wall hanging from the drawing, you made, of your chicken snorkeling?

  3. OOh, Carla, how did you know?! Those beautiful tropical sea colors are MY colors!! Seriously, they are beautiful, and I can’t wait to see what art they become. Love the purse too! And how’s Oscar???

  4. I thought of you today while I was at the Minnesota State Fair. They had lucious lambs wool yarns in awsome coller at the Minnesota sheep associations booth. I admired from a distance wishing I lived closer for a crochet lesson. Oh the colors the colors the colors.

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